ben - springdale, Ar
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe October 21, 2008


I believe in religion. I believe I can go to church wherever I want and whenever I want. I have a personal experience that really affected be and made fun of my religion. Ever since I was in sixth grade I have been a stronger Christian. In sixth grade I was talking to a kid who went to my church and was in all my classes at church. He was a very close friend that I had known for a very long time. We were just carrying on a normal conversation about our church class. Then some random seventh grader starts laughing at us. He said that my friend and I would never be a good catholic because of the color of our skin. I have never seen racism in my community up until this point.

Most Catholics are Hispanic like this boy, but I have seen plenty of Americans at my church too. What he said struck me. Ever since that day I have done whatever I can to be more involved in my church. I never told any one about this incident because I was scared that my parents might call the school and make a big deal out of this small incident.

I have really tried to be more involved. I have helped set up decorations on holidays, done service work within the school (our churches school) multiple time, I alter serve and go to all my church classes. In all these experiences I

From then on I have been a better Christian than I was have never seen the boy that told me off during any of these events. before. During this experience I learned so much more about being a catholic than I knew before. All the different ways to be involved have helped talk to go d more about my problems. I have seen that Hispanic boy at my church every now and then, but I bet if he recognized me he would see what a great Christian I have been. In the end I am still a strong Christian and have been more involved in my church and my community. I still believe in religion.