Everyone is Different

Ragan - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: golden rule

I’m the youngest child of three. My older brother, Hunter, is autistic. So far, in my lifetime, I’ve seen how my brother is treated by others. I believe that everyone should be treated equally.

No one is the same. Everyone is different. I mean that no one is exactly like anyone else. My brother is seen as “not normal” in others eyes. People make fun of him and push him around like he’s not a human. Well, he is, and he should be treated like everyone else is.

I’ve seen my brother’s situation. He has to go through life trying to fit in, trying to be what’s “normal” in others eyes, trying to find love in friends, trying to do this, trying to do that, and trying to do all these things just to be treated like everyone else is. The truth is, no one’s treated the same. Who’s normal? No one is like anyone else, so how do a group of people get to be “normal?” Everyone gets made fun of, and it’s not right. God tells us to love others, no matter if they’re our enemy or if they don’t like you. You’re supposed to love them.

Everyone is supposed to be treated respectfully. Who cares if they have a different skin color, if they have a disability, if their hair isn’t the same as yours, if they’re on the football team, what they believe in, if they have Uggs or a Coach purse, where they shop, what they wear, if they live in a trailer, or if their parents are divorced? Who cares? Why is the outside of people so important to other? It’s the inside that counts.

Every time you make fun of someone, do you regret it? Do you like to be picked on, bullied, or made fun of because you are hispanic or you have autism? I’ve seen my brother’s actions. He doesn’t like being picked on. All they want is to be treated like everyone else. I believe everyone should be treated equally, with love and respect.