I Believe That There Is Someone Special

Wendy - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that there is someone special. Because once when I was

in the second grade, I was treated differently like was nothing to

them. They would always say something disrespectful, I can handle

it, but I can’t when they say strong and big words so mean. I would

always cry in my room alone on my bed in the corner.

Then I would try to hide myself in the hallways, and in the classrooms, but it seems that they find me. I try to fight back of listening to their hurtful words though I can’t handle them because I defend myself,

but after a two years later things started to change.

I got new things till I realized that I was born a bit different, not

Like I was a monster, but I was hard of hearing on my right ear

and color blind on my left eye. My mom was like a hero to me because I got a specialized hearing aid and new glasses. Also kids started to treat me like I am one of them being kind and being helpful. I was shy when kids are talking to me kindly; though I got used to it. When I say there is someone special I mean by there disabilities, loss, or by their background. I am glad that the other kids accepted me by who I am. Now I help the kids that have had a past like me, not arguing but encouraging them to the situations they had before. Fixing the problem made them brighten and peaceful they would thank me. I would help them to fit in to other kids, not by yourself like a puppy isolated in a corner and others together being playful. Like what I said about the puppy. I felt that way and maybe others. Just by thinking of memories of the past from kids treating me so unkind and unmannerly like. The reason I chose this belief is to remind them that no matter what people say… that there is always someone special. That was my belief about “That there is someone special no matter what you are.”