Laughter Brings Happiness

Seth - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe laughter brings happiness. When I was little, my grandpa died. So my sisters, mom, dad, and me all hoped in our car, and drove half way across the country all the way to California. When we got there all of my family was there waiting. So when they saw us coming they started laughing and crying, but it was not of sadness but of joy and happiness.

Laughter takes away your anger, hate, guilt, pain, and sorrows, and puts a smile in your face. Laughter is a funny thing you never know when, why, or how it will happen. Laughter, it is an odd sensation, it is like your greatest accomplishment maximized by ten. Laughter is the line of being mindless robots and people, life and death.

Laughter brings life, love, hope, happiness, joy, and fun. Laughter always makes you smile and lively. Laughter is a way to show your feelings and emotions. Some people have something called laugh lines, through these you can see a person had a happy and fun filled life. These people truly lived large.

This is why I believe Laughter brings happiness.