I Believe that God listens, and answers our prayers

Carley - springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Peter 1:11 verse 15 and the prayer of faith will save the sick and the lord will raise him. I strongly believe in that verse. Just as I believe that god listens, and answers our prayers. Many things have influenced my belief in that. One of the most major events that influenced this was when my grandpa was in the hospital and was extremely sick. We all thought that his days where very limited including the doctors.

I knew that the only thing that could help him would be if someone bigger and much greater than all of us could help. Yes, I mean god. I had prayed about silly things before such as hoping for a new dog, asking for better grades, and getting to go to parties. I realized that these were all immature things to pray about. I knew that I would have to pray much harder for my grandpa than I have prayed for anything else. So I did I prayed ever night for him. Every Sunday I would ask for the congregation prayers for him too. Of course they all prayed for him because they knew that he deserved it.

My grandpa was a very strong believer in Christ. He always would tell me the stories of the bible and how god could make miracles happen. Slowly he started to gain more strength and I began to realize that he was very much right. After praying and hoping very hard for two weeks he got taken out of intensive care and put into a regular room. That gave me and my family a great felling of relief.

Everyday he grew stronger and stronger. We would visit him on a regular basis and could see how much he had improved from such a critical position in such a short amount of time. Finally after he was almost completely healed he got to go back to his farm where he loved to be the most. After a week of being home he was back to the same loving healthy grandpa I had always known.

After this whole situation was over I had a new look and meaning on life. That’s when I truly began to believe that god listens, and answers our prayers.