Little Guy in a Big World

Phillip - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Little Guy in a Big World

I am the shortest, the smallest, and the one who is always picked on. This essay is how I overcome my size. I believe that everyone has a chance to prove that they belong.

I was always the shortest otherwise none as short stuff. They were always picking on me and hurting my feelings. I was unwanted up until 5th grade when it got worse. So I was still the smallest but I finally had a chance to prove that I belonged with the sports people.

I started to play football with them everyday, and I got better. They only thing was I was always picked last because of my size. They didn’t know that I had talent until that day in 6th grade.

I was picked last as usual. My team was the better one, so I made them better. I was playing defense, and as normal I was on the worst player until they did a crossing route over the middle. My man and the best player on our team’s man crossed each other. The quarterback threw it right as we crossed, and I jumped up an intercepted the pass. I ran it all the way back for a touchdown with some jukes, spins, and I even broke a tackle (which I normally don’t do). It was amazing.

From that day forward I was not looked at by my size, but by my heart, talent, and smarts. That’s why I believe everyone has a chance to prove where they belong just like I did.