This I Believe

Carrie - Kingsport, Tennessee
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe in myself. It has just taken almost thirty years and a lot of trials and tribulations but I finally believe in me. In the past six years, I have managed to lose my job, go flat broke, get my vehicle repossessed, and worst of all becoming addicted to methamphetamines. It sounds like a lost cause I know. I did not care what happened to me or anyone else, life was an inconvenience.

However, what comes next is the good part. Also within this period, I have managed to regain my job, return to college, have enough money in the bank to buy a new car, and most important I have been clean for five of those six years. Somewhere inside a small sliver of hope returned. I no longer held life in contempt; everyday is lived to the fullest.

I believe that when life seems it is darkest that a light can be found. I believe that when I hit rock bottom it is then I truly learn from our mistakes. I believe that when I feel as if I cannot hold anymore I can carry twice as much. Life is a gift, given to us to do as we wish. Each of us possess the power to do good, but free will ensures we always have a choice. Even if that means making multiple mistakes, I can never run out of second chances.

I believe that I am always held accountable for my decisions. The consequences that come with these decisions are the lessons I must learn to understand what is right. I believe we must have faith in the good when going through the bad. I believe that if I can find my way out of the dark others can too. When I lost myself, I finally found God. He gave me the strength to see that my life has meaning and purpose. He restored hope in my life and in me. That is the great thing about hope it is given to everyone, to use whenever we need. This I believe.