Sengdao - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that “Miracles do happen.”

This is me Sengdaon. I’m ten years old and I have a basketball game today at nine o’ clock. I didn’t know what happened but it just was a miracle. The day is September 14, 2005. I m at the Springdale Youth Center and here is my story.

One day in the SYC (Springdale Youth Center) a miracle happened to me. This is what happened! I was 10 years old and I was doing good scoring six points in the half. Then in the third quarter I scored only two points so I had eight points entering the fourth quarter. When the fourth quarter started my team was losing by sixteen points so I went nuts for the ball. I was making almost every shot that I took. When I touched the ball I came up with a steal, assists, or a score. It was a miracle because I ended up with twenty-six points and took my team to the championship game and lost by two points even though I only scored ten points. That was the game of my life finishing up with twenty-six points, 5 assists, and 9 blocks. In that game we won 55-54, the championship game was 62-60. I also went to a consolation game that was fun, but I scored more than my miracle of twenty eight points total because that team was a low ranked team!

Later I came back to my team and we just did a lot of fun things. First was post up (my favorite) then shooting my second favorite because I wouldn’t make the team run line drills. After all that here is when things get interesting. Coach told us to scrimmage because he had to do something and I was leader so I had the ball first and we scrimmaged until practice was over. Why is this so interesting well I made fifty points in that game and I was another miracle because I never did something as incredible as that. I was raining three pointers like drinking soda. I made twenty threes in total. When coach heard that I made fifty he said I was too good for the team so I went to the 6th grade basketball team and started with them too!

This is why I believe… “Miracles do happen.”