This I Believe

Craig - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

This I Believe

Our generation is controlled by emotions and feelings, but mostly by “love.” I believe that love is a none existent emotion that is brainwashing us, and clouding our vision from how it is affecting our families.

Adults have been so caught up in love that they don’t even understand how it is affecting the children. Kids all over the world are being abused, mentally and physically, by their parents or step- parents. In most child abuse cases the children stated that they were molested by a parent or step- parent. In child abuse cases, 67% of offenders are the parents and another 21% are step- parents. Surveys shows that, most children that were molested were either too scared to tell or their parents didn’t believe them. So, this proves that parents are neglecting their children because of their love with that person.

Along with abuse and neglect, the children are affected in other ways. Of all the ages affected, teenagers between the ages of 13-18 are affected the most. They see how their parents act and how love is perceived on television, and they go to school and try to imitate that image. These kids walk around school bragging about who they go with, instead of focusing on their bookwork. I remember that there was a certain someone that I thought I loved. At the time, it seemed like everyone around me was falling in love, and I just wanted to know how it felt. When it finally did happen, it felt good, but when the hard times came it didn’t hurt like everyone said it would, and when it ended, it was like I didn’t even care. When new relationships started, I felt the same way, even though I knew I didn’t love them So, I concluded that even love could not be real because all the things that were supposed to be there were not.

In addition to the children, the adults are also greatly affected by love. Some get themselves into situations that they cannot get themselves out of because they claim they are in love. A woman or man might be in an abusive relationship that they cannot get out of. By the time that they do eventually get out it’s too late, and they end up either critically injured or even dead. When things like this happen, I have to ask myself, how could anyone do this to someone they love.

In retrospect, love is a fairytale emotion that people all over the world keep falling for. My belief is, people that think they’re in love don’t see how they’re affecting those around them.