I believe…

Daisy - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

In August 8, 2007 my younger brother Pedro had a surgery. It happened in Little Rock. He had surgery because his leg was not straight. It was kind of the shape of a banana but not as curved. Dr. Johnson opened up his leg did what he needed to do and sowed it back together. After that, he was in a wheel chair. Once in a while he got off and sat in the couch or slept in my mom’s room. Pedro would complain a lot about his leg and cry. I would feel really sorry for him sitting in a chair for 31 days would be painful. It would be painful because you would want to run and have fun, but you couldn’t. I would take him walking to Kings Korner and buy him whatever he wanted. Most of the time he cried on the way. I would get the bag of frozen green peas and put it on top of his cast. Dr. Johnson said that that would help. I guess Pedro’s leg itched a lot but he couldn’t scratch him self because of the huge cast. We would take Pedro to Little Rock once in 4 or5 months. Dr. Johnson said that Pedro’s leg was improving a lot. Now Pedro’s leg has really improved. It’s really straight, but we still need to be careful with his leg. I think that the small days of pain was worth it instead of being in pain your whole life. I believe that after all the pain and problems something good will happen. Pedro’s leg was a pain and problem but he got surgery. And the surgery came out all good and now he has his leg really straight… better than before.