This I believe Essay….

Kinberlyn - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

SOOO I have a lot of beliefs in my life time but now the only one I’m worried about is NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME !!!!!! Try tell that to ma parents but now that I’m older and see my brothers mistakes it get me mad how they are scared that I might do the same. That’s how I get to my belief NO ONE IS THE SAME ….. At first I thought it was a face and has everything it was going to pass. The reason for them to think like I that is because my bros that are now older when they were ma age they had the opportunity to have a profession and become something okay a have an easy life style. The first one took it but since what he wanted to become was too expensive he decided to do it on his own. That is how we have learned to grow up ever since we were kids. That’s the RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they are so scared because they think I might end up like me bro the one that is in the middle he got lost!!!! It was like if he was in a different world that the only thing he would see was DRUGS and he would do a lot of shit. Ma bro is intelligent he was the type of homeboy that would always no how make you feel good or always had something good to say to you. Ma bro started drugs on the streets in L.A. there is a lot of that especially in the ghetto. That’s how most people live we all do things we aren’t proud of. Ma parents think and are freaked out to the possibility that im might do the same thing he did choose the path he did. Even though I love Oscar ma bro doesn’t mean I will do the same things he did. I have to say i might be crazy and outspoken cuz that is who I am and im not Oscar or Rene. My parents will have to find out what I will do… So this is how I can to my belief ‘’ NO ONE IS THE SAME.’’