I believe all life is meaningful

Charlie - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that all life is meaningful. I believe this because in the year 06-07 my rat Timmy

died. My mom wanted to replace him but a life. If a father dies does the mother go and replace that life with a similar one. Does life seem so simple that we can just fill the gape with another? If life is so simple why not when we get past are prime years. Why we are not discarded or replaced. The reason we are not is we mean a lot more then we are worth.

Why we are because people care love and respect use. We aren’t objects to be throne away when we are used up. We are more then that we are able to do so much more to be so much more. Does a rich person have more purpose to live than a poor person? No we all have the same kind of life we live we breath we talk we laugh sing dance. So why do we still label are self’s rich poor tall short we are all the same.

I live in a little apartment complex but I was aloud a pet if we paid a $300 fey. Why do we have to pay to have a pet do they pay them selves if they have a pet why do we have to pay for something that lived before us. Why does a dog cat rat turtle est. why do there life’s have less meaning then are life’s.

I believe that when it comes down to it we are all the same. We have are little corks are wearied little tricks but when we look in side are self’s we now we have the same beating heart.