skateboarding can save you

Timothy - springdale,AR, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I started skateboarding it saved me from getting into trouble for my friends who I decided to hang out with. It would have been my problem if I still hang out with them. I would get into trouble with some people. Skateboarding kept my mind off of getting into a fight with them and then I want getting in trouble with there parents and my parents.

The first reason I don’t need to get into trouble with anyone because I don’t want to get into fights with someone just because I like he’s sister and she likes me but the only reason I can’t go out with her is because her brother doesn’t like me and I don’t like hem so that is the only reason he wants to get into a fight with me.

The next reason I don’t want to get in a fight is because every body doesn’t like me so I have to which my back were ever I go and it is a it is not cool end I don’t like that sometimes it is cool when I have my friends with my and they help me from get into fights with people and skateboarding is a lot better then fight in with some one I don’t know and I don’t understand why they want to fight me.

The last reason is that me skateboarding stop thinking about getting in to trouble with every body that I know like some people I know in 7th grade and over the summer everyone changed and they don’t want to hang out with me a school and every thing changes like a new school new friends even new teachers in new class and new homework and even harder.

Clearly skateboarding saved me so it could save anybody who has to go there any thing they face in there daily life.