Self Confidence

Jordan - USA
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in self confidence. If it wasn’t for the confidence built up by bowling, getting good grades, people talking to me, and keeping my physical appearance decent I wouldn’t be where I am today. First off, bowling built my confidence, because before I started to bowl lots of people would say hateful things and it would get to me, but after I won my first tournament my confidence sky rocketed. The words coming out of the other kids just didn’t bother me as much unless it was said in a positive way, like a complement of some sort. The second that I won state, I was so, so, cocky and the names and things people called me and said to me didn’t mean anything unless it was said in a positive. Winning state built my confidence. A few weeks later the people that didn’t like me or where rude to me started to be polite and talk to me frequently. This made me feel like I was someone. These people disliked me for what I said, thought, wore, and did. After they let that go and they didn’t worry about it, they found out how fun, nice, funny, and how good of a friend I am, because I care about people other than myself like the saying goes “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” So all in all this helped me build my confidence in school, I finally felt like I was a human being again. Surprisingly, keeping a decent self appearance has boosted my confidence because I don’t see myself in a bad way. Also, keeping decent grades has helped me boost my confidence up. Keeping good grades is the key to becoming successful anything you do. Keeping my grades up boosted my confidence because I felt like I just wasn’t doing work for nothing. After taking a test and getting an A or B is the best feeling in the world you feel great inside and you feel like you’ve achieved something that was going to be difficult for you in life. Making good grades also made me realize that I was achieving the academic goals I wanted and need to achieve. This is going to be funny but surprisingly, playing video games has also boosted my confidence. Playing games like Halo3, Call of Duty4, and other games that I’m amazing at boosted my confidence because I found that when I was sad, bored, had a bad day, est. and I turned on my Xbox360 and played online I felt better because I was playing with my friends, and I cant be beaten in any game. In a nut shell, these events have left me to believe in my self. I believe in self confidence.