This I Believe

Brittani - Fort COllins, Colorado
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I Believe”

What is something that you believe in? I believe in the phrase live, laugh, love. I believe that people should go by this because as you live you have to have a lot of love and be able to laugh a lot. This is what makes a life happy, not sad or boring. I think each of the words, in live, laugh, love has a definition , too. The word live in the phrase means that you should live a happy life and have no regrets. I think that the laugh part goes along with the live part because you should laugh a lot in your life and that will make a better life without regrets. The love part means that you should have a lot of love. I think to have a lot of love you have to be happy in your life. This is why I believe in this and that’s why I think that people should go by this too. People that live by the “live like there is no tomorrow” quote would be happy too. I think that quote would help people also because living like there is no tomorrow to me means living like tomorrow is your last day and having no regrets on the last days of life. Do everything that you have wanted.

There are also phrases that mean almost the same thing, just in different words. One I can think of is “live like there is no tomorrow”. I like that one too because I think every person no matter who they are should live like they never will everyday and that will give people happiness and love too. I think that the people that don’t think like this are the people that have boring lives and are always sad. I think that in my life I have pretty much lived by these phrases because I don’t think that I have had a lot of sadness or stress in my life. If I have, I have just looked past every bad thing, or tried to. I also try to look to the future and see what the future might bring and try and have goals for the future instead of look at the past like some people do. I believe looking at the past gives you sadness and stress also.

There are certain people in my life who help with the “live, laugh, love” phrase and the “live like there is no tomorrow” phrase. These people can be family, close friends and even acquaintances. In my life I have had a lot of good friends and acquaintances to help me through things. My family has been there to help with that too. I realized that people should live by these or close to it in high school. About that time I was realizing how people act and who my real friends are. After thinking about this and writing this I really do believe that people should think about those phrases and think about how their life is. Some people might already be living with a lot of love and laughter and some people might not be.

All in all I think that those are two good phrases or quotes to go by or at least believe in. I think this would make people a lot happier. It would make people think about life a little more and maybe be happier with what they have.