Oil Prices Are Outrageous!

Jared - Sterling, Colorado
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Oil Prices Are Outrageous!

Oil prices have driven most American citizens absolutely off the wall. In matter of fact, I’m one of those millions of Americans that complain about the prices of oil as well as gasoline prices. I really don’t understand why the oil company has to charge 130-150 dollars per barrel of oil. I believe that oil prices and gas prices should be much more affordable than they are now.

I’m nineteen years old, and every year since 1998 I have seen an increase in gas prices which is very much determined by the price of oil. The increase could have been anywhere from ten cents to ninety cents. In the summer of 1998 the price of oil per barrel was fourteen dollars per barrel. Now look at the price for oil per barrel. The price per barrel of oil reached an all time in June of 2008. The price of oil per barrel rose above 146 dollars. 146 dollars per barrel can led to something call ridiculous gas prices. Gas reached to nation average of four dollars and eleven cents during the summer of 2008.

Now why is oil so pricy and why are the American citizens still buying so much gasoline? Well gasoline pretty much keeps this country moving everyday and without gasoline in today’s day in age the American society wouldn’t last a day without it. That one little fact being the case oil companies can just keep jacking the prices of oil up and the American society can’t do very much about it. That’s what most Americans probably think, but I know they are ways for gas prices to go down. Probably not back to the one dollar gas that we once saw, but at least back down to the point where filling up our vehicle won’t empty out our wallet.

In the past few months gas prices have dropped tremendously, so the oil prices are not nearly as outrageous as they have been. I would still like to see oil prices to continue to drop. I believe that the Untied States needs to take matter into their hands and do some oil drilling of their own. Foreign oil is very useful because it saves the United States the time of drilling its own, but when the foreign oil companies are charging so much money for oil the United States should figure out that we have to use our own recourses to help out ourselves. To help out ourselves would be to offshore drilling or just looking for new oil sites in our country. I’m sure that the United States oil companies know where the oil is, but they are just aren’t drilling it up out of the ground. Increasing our oil production has to be done otherwise oil prices will continue to increase for years to come. I just want the country’s economy to be happy in the future and I believe that this would be the solution to the price of oil problem.

When a single American citizen has to spend over fifty dollars for a tank of gas, it just creates more problems for everyone except for the oil companies. An enormous problem like this can’t be ignored. I believe that doing what I’ve described in this essay will bring down the oil prices, and make millions of American citizens a heck of a lot happier.