Kel - 67357, Kansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in reading. Nothing is better than grabbing a good book, finding a comfortable spot, and just relaxing after a busy or hectic day, but reading a book is a lot like life. Turning the pages is like going on with life day by day. Life has a beginning, middle, and end just as a book contains. They both have their ups and downs, and most importantly, they has an end whether it is a good or bad one. I think that everybody should have the opportunity to sit down and read a really good book that they enjoy. Ever since I was little, my mother and father have read me to. I have also been reading by myself since I was three years old, so reading has shaped who I am. I believe that reading can unlock the deepest parts of the imagination. I think that my imagination has been greatly expanded because of the crazy and exciting books I have read in my lifetime. Reading has also made me more creative in everything that I do. Every time I get my hands on a good book, I find myself trapped inside the pages and I cannot put it down. The feeling I get from reading is one of joy and happiness. I also believe that reading makes us more empathetic. By reading we can almost put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and we can see things through the characters eyes. Another reason why I love and enjoy reading so much is because it has made me a more intelligent and a well-rounded person. To me, reading also can represent education. I believe that reading can lead to a successful and meaningful life. By reading more I can gather more information and I can better understand the world around me. By better understanding the world around me, I can help make this a better place to live. To me, a life without reading is not a life worth living at all.