A Neglected Gift From Above

Elyza - Sugar Land/TX/77479, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A Neglected Gift From Above

I forget to wash the dishes. I forget people’s birthdays. I forget to do my homework (sometimes deliberately). I forget how to breathe when I am in an angry fit and I forget to say ‘thank you’ to kind strangers. I am constantly forgetting because life is fast and competitive, and we are all in a hurry. However inevitable forgetfulness may be, my God-given talent is something that I will never fail to remember.

My grandmother first realized my gift of art long ago when I was four years old growing up in the Philippines. She gave my mother, who was not able to take notice of my talent because of her job in America, a sketch I made of the garage, which mirrored it almost perfectly. At an early age, it seemed as if I found my calling in life. I carried my love of drawing with me to New Jersey and in my whole ten years living there, it had been my passion, my consolation, my 24/7. Everything took an unexpected turn when my family decided to move a second time, to Texas. I felt what any typical fourteen-year-old girl would have felt: that her whole life had just ended.

I spent the next two years of my new life adapting to change and concentrating on “bigger things” like career goals, making new friends, and achieving straight A’s. Basically, my life was not as colorful as it was in New Jersey. I did not want to feel sadness or hate about leaving my home in New Jersey, so I was left feeling nothing, absolutely nothing. It was as though the art in my soul left when I moved to Texas.

I discontinued drawing and put aside my sketch books while, unknowingly, putting aside my joy. Eventually, the blazing fire of creativity that once filled me was replaced by a numbing emptiness. Life just felt so hectic that I completely forgot what it was that gave me pure happiness. With much prayer and memories of encouraging loved ones, I came to a realization that the empty hole that I felt was because I had neglected my artistic talents. I discovered that art is what truly defines me and is what fills any hollowness in my life. I believe in never taking a gift from above for granted.

The ability to express myself through art is something I should have taken for granted, but is now a gift I humbly cherish. I find time to draw now. Even just a little sketch after a rough day is a wonderful bout of happiness. I believe in pursuing talent. My gift from above gives me the greatest fulfillment that I could ever possibly achieve. That is truly something I will never forget.