I Believe in Balance

Paul - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on October 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in Balance

Growing up I was always fascinated by the yin yang symbol. From Key chains, to drawing the symbol on paper out of boredom, it has always caught my attention. The concept is without a little bad, you can’t have good, and vice versa. I believe in Balance because it is what makes the world go round. Balance enables me to humble myself in the sense of appreciation and relief. I have felt relief when the night of a football game in high school, the forecast was perfect weather. If I expected every game to be perfect weather, I would be setting myself up for great disappointment when it rains. To me balance is more important than a football game, I believe it is what makes our world so great. You find balance everywhere, even in the judicial system. We have criminals and law- abiding citizens. Criminals create many jobs for people trying to keep the crime under control. Also when criminals are locked up they do a lot of labor for low wages which helps out our economy a great deal.

Balance is even found when a human being shoots a deer in the head. The hopeless deer falls directly to the ground while the hunter victoriously ties it up and drags it home to eat. The killing is not a murder, it is a challenge, and this time man won. If humans didn’t hunt deer, there wouldn’t be enough predators to keep them in check. This is very important to keep the balance. They would begin to overpopulate, and this would make it dangerous for us while driving. Also deer attacks are no myth.

I believe in balance beams, teeter totters, and animal tails because they all help keep balance. Balance is everywhere I look. I see balance when I breathe out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. Also I see in people with different personalities and traits. I see balance in our government with the democratic set up. Balance is everywhere in the world and it is just what I believe.