Not Knowing Your Family Is Bad

Nikki - San Diego, California
Entered on October 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Not Knowing Your Family Is Bad

This article is to my family, for being there when I need them and having fun together. My family and I don’t always hang out together, but on this trip we learn a lot about each other. My brother is 21 so he is never home, he is always at his friends houses and my mom is usually working or doing school work. So it is mostly my dad, and I. Last summer we went on a 5 trip to the mountains where we had to sleep in tents on the dirt.

On the first day we hiked to a lake called Doris Lake. My brother helped me over and on top of the rocks on the way there. When we got there my brother, my mom, my dad, and I jumped in all at the same time. When one of the family members ran out of water we would offer them some of ours. When we got back from the hike we would drop off our stuff at the tents and walk up to the hot spring (jacuzzi), and take a dip. The river was to cold to go in at night so we only went during the day.

At breakfast and dinner we had to make sure we really shared because we only had a certain amount of food to go around. Practically every days we hiked to a whole bunch of different places. Catching fish here and there on our way to our destination. One day coming back from a hike we saw these people going down stream on inter tubes. It looked so fun, we wanted to do it to but we didn’t have any inter tubes. My dad went over to these people and asked them if we could brow the inter tubes. When they said yes we were so happy.

When we started to go down we were kind of nervous because we never went down stream before in this river. We started to go faster and faster in different parts of the stream. Some times we would get stuck in between the rocks an we would have to get out and fix it and then hop back n and keep going. when we got to the end you jump out and grab your tube. Then go back to the beginning of the river and go back down again. It was one of the most fun parts of the trip. The other fun parts on the trip were walking around the site and going to the different places on the way back to home. The trip was really hot but it was fun. It showed us what we can do if we all work together.