This I Believe

darione - Missouri city, Texas
Entered on October 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone Should Be Loved

I believe that everyone has the right to be loved by someone or anyone. This year I entered a club by the name of Big sister Big brother for my church. We mentor and help younger children who have problems with in their households. Most of them do not live in a stable home and has no around that truly cares for them. That’s truly hurts my heart to wonder how do they survive without anyone genuinely loving them. Some don’t even have family to receive love from either. I make it my mission to show them that I truly care for them.

Dominic was the name of my little brother. His mom was addicted to crack cocaine and he did not know his father. For the longest he was forced to raise himself at an early age. He never really knew the true meaning of a parent who was there to take care of you and show you unconditional love. It was absolutely amazing how he continued to live life as a normal child; but you could tell that Dominic was hurt on the inside from not having a parent their for him. When I heard his story I could not help it but love him .He had a smile to lighten up a room and such a warm and kind heart. I met up with him once a week and every time we talked he refused to talk about his family or any feelings toward his family. As the weeks continued we became close; and I began to se him as a little brother who I loved dearly and truly cared for. As the summer came to a close so did the visits with Dominic. On the last day as I was giving him a hug I told him that I loved him. As soon as I said that he hugged me tighter and began to cry. Then he looked me in my eyes and said I love you to. It made me shiver to see his reaction to being loved. That day I realized everyone needs to know how it feels to be loved. I still remain in contact with Dominic so that he knows when someone truly loves you they do their best to stay around for forever.