This I Believe

Tanisha - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe

Before going to the mall with my friends on a typical Friday night, I call my dad and ask, “Dad may I go to the mall with Ashlon and Liz?”, and he replies, “yes”. Most of the time, my friends make jokes and find it funny. But I don’t blame them, considering that my dad lives about one hundred seventy eight miles away in Austin, Texas. But to me it doesn’t matter if he lived one thousand one hundred seventy eight miles away, he’s still my dad. I believe that the God given bond between a daughter and her father is unbreakable.

Up until this point I have lived with both, my mother and my father. Growing up I still remember all the good times we shared, all the funny things he told me, all the lessons he taught me, my dad and I did everything together I was a total daddy’s girl. The summer before my freshman year my dad received the opportunity of a lifetime to work at a railroad company he dreamed of working at his whole life. The only problem with this job meant that he would have to move. My dad really cared for us and because he loved us so much he didn’t want to force the move on my siblings and I. After giving it much thought he decided to take the job because he never wanted to look back on life a wonder “what if?” That summer my dad packed his things and moved to Austin Texas, not only for himself, but with the intentions to provide a better life for his family.

Once he moved, there were subtle changes around the house, but for the most part things remained the same. My dad comes home every now and then to take care of household needs and ensure that everything is okay. Living without your father is not that bad as one would imagine. I believe one of the main reasons I’m able to make it through his absence is that we share more than just genetics, we share a bond that can not be broken. The times we shared when I was younger, and the values he instilled in me as a little girl, are the things that keep me motivated today. Although he may not always be right by my side, I still feel his presence wherever I am.

So to you and my friends it may be awkward that I still call on my dad for everything even to ask for permission to hang out on a Friday night, but to me it’s completely normal. In life I have learned that it’s not the title as father and daughter the world gives us that bonds us together, it’s the love we share in our hearts.