Accomplishing Big things In such little Time

Nayeli - USA
Entered on October 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

3rd grade was my first year in school because I just came to California from Mexico. I did not know any English at that time so I needed help from other students, so that they can translate what the teacher was saying or wanted me to do in my homework. When I got home I would cry because I couldn’t do my homework and projects. So I got help from my friend Camilla.

I believed that I couldn’t learn English and so did my parents friends, but I proved them wrong. Then it was time to go to 4th grade the same people were in my class so my friends help me with what I didn’t understood. We had to do oral presentations every week; My first oral presentation was on Gorge Washington, I would stand in front of the room I would talk very soft and quiet;but since I still couldn’t speck English people couldn’t understand me, so my friend help me I would tell her what to say and then she would translate it better. Then after a few weeks I improved in my presentations At that time I got good grades on tests and improved in my oral presentations I did not even need friends help any more. On parent conference days my teacher world talk to me and my parents she would talk about how fast I was improving and how good my state tests were by the end of the school year my teacher told me that I was really advanced on my math and that I had improved a lot since I was in 3rd grade. By the end of the year I had lost my Latin accent, my dads friends said that I didn’t sound a like 2 years ago.

Every year my teachers will always tell me how much I have improved since I got here in 5th grade my teacher wanted to video tape me for one of her extra classes in school. In 7th grade I finally passed my English learning test. I had to take it every single year because English is my second language, until I got a high score on it

Know I am in 8th grade and I am still on the right track, I still have to do my oral presentations in front of the class and people understand me better. What I am trying to say is that if some one tells you that you can not do something and you will never succeed you can prove them wrong and succeed.