Take Me Away

Tracey - Union City, Tennessee
Entered on October 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am the type of person you will probably catch staring off into space. I am a dreamer. I believe that dreams have the power to take a person away from this world. I believe that no matter what is happening in a person’s life that dreams have the power to make them forget all of their problems. I believe in dreams.

My childhood was truly the best days of my life and those very days are the ones I continuously return to in my dreams. I never had any problems and I never had to be concerned about any of the things I have to be concerened about now. As a teenager life starts to become rough and the reality of becoming an adult sets in. Many people as well as I find this a little difficult to deal with. So when my life becomes too hard to manage I just close my eyes and think back on the happiest day of my life.

My dreams take me away. When I am mad, when i am sad, and even when i am scared my dreams take me into another dimension and I am able to forget everything that is going on. I don’t only dream about my past though. I envision my future as well. I dream of how my family life will be. I dream of where I will work. I dream of where I will live and this gives me hope. It gives me the aspiration to want to make this all a reality.

I believe in dreams because of the warm feeling I get in my heart when i reminisce on my past and anticipate my future. I believe in dreaming big. I believe in getting lost in dreams. My dreams take me away.