Act As if Someone Is Always Watching

Jordei - Brevard, North Carolina
Entered on October 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

This I Believe… Act as if Someone is Always Watching.

Doing the right thing all the time is hard. Doing the right thing when you feel nobody is going to find out is even harder. Truth is, someone is always watching. Yes, I guess religiously speaking God (or your own preference, if this differs) is always watching. What I am speaking of is if someone is in a public setting doing something typically frowned upon then it is almost guaranteed they will be seen by someone else during that “unintegrible” moment.

Being caught candid in public is almost a given. People are not always going to call it out though. If you do something commendable, for instance cleaning up the lobby of your dorm after a crazy night that you had nothing to do with. No one is going to come up to you and say “Hey everybody, this is the person who cleaned up the lobby! Three cheers…” That rule does not seem to apply when you do something that could possibly cause embarrassment, though. It seems as though somebody always sees this and points it out to the rest of the world. Let us say somebody walks into a busy fair in the evening. They think ‘I have a huge wedgie and I need to pick it out. Nobody will notice…’ Little do they realize everybody has wandering eyes. Somebody’s eyes that wander at the wrong time just happen to catch that other person in their moment of weakness and, unlike cleaning the lobby, somebody will point that out. Same as when someone does something not noble. You go into Wal-Mart all the time and see something, such as a little $.94 keychain that you really like but don’t want to buy it. No one will even notice it is missing. The store could be deserted and I still would not be able to take it. Pretend as if someone is always watching.

The feeling you get from doing the right thing, if only for a second, is wonderful. It makes you feel as if you are a good person and one might start to like them self more and more. Developing a good conscience also goes into doing the right thing when you have the opportunity to do wrong. This helps make you more a desirable person. You know yourself more when it comes to how you will act in certain situations.

Doing deeds not for recognition is very noble. Being honorable all the time is extremely difficult but it helps define your character. The feeling of relief can be one of the most worthwhile in the world. You feel very good after you have passed up temptation without having to be motivated by money or someone else. It makes you feel better about your character and emotionally stronger about your mindset and inner person.

“A person isn’t given integrity. It results from the relentless pursuit of honesty at all times. ”- Anonymous.