I believe when my mom calls she will answer

Kierra - 78015, Texas
Entered on October 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe when mom calls she will answer. Mom calls her everyday and she always answers. They would talk for hours and hours about so many things like their childhood and different events, she always had a story to tell mom, then mom would give the phone to me and my brother so we could talk to her. The sound of her weak but humble voice would answer lightly after I said hello. We would talk for a little bit and then I would give the phone to my brother. She always told my brother that he had to be the man of the house while our dad was gone, he would smile and say, “Yes ma’am I will.” She would laugh lightly and say, “that my boy.” They would talk for a little bit more and then my brother would give the phone back to mom. Mom would talk with her for another hour and when the conversation would come to an end mom would tell her that she would talk to her tomorrow. She would answer calmly, “ok baby.” mom would reply and say, “Ok love you bye.” Mom always was looking forward into calling her because she believed that when she called she would answer.

A new day would come and mom would get up and make breakfast for me and my brother. The smell of her delectable pancakes and bacon would wake me up from my dream and lead me down stairs to the kitchen. My brother would come down and eat the delicious meal with me. Mom would then sit in the living room and reach for the phone and call her because she knew she would answer when she called, but this time she didn’t answer so mom hung up and dialed her number again, but no one answered, mom knew why she wasn’t answering but she didn’t want to believe it because she knew that when she called she would answer.

Still till this day mom calls her and no one answers, me and my brother know why but we don’t say anything because we believe when mom calls she will answer.