Making the Right Choice

Courtney - Gig Harbor, Washington
Entered on October 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I had one of my close family friends pass away in a hit and run accident a couple of months ago. The guy who hit her had just gotten out of jail a couple days prior to the accident and had just shot up on some heroin. He also had a suspended license when he hit her that night. If you break a rule or a law, you should own up to your mistake, if it is possible, obviously not something like running a red light.

That night she had been walking home from the park and ride by her home at five p.m. on a Friday night when she was struck suddenly. She died a few minutes later. The guy that hit her was going about seventy miles per hour in a twenty-five miles per hour zone. He only stopped to see what he had hit, then sped away back the other direction. Little did he know that he had just killed a devoted mother of three kids and a friend to many people.

A kind hearted man who works across the street from where the accident happened did the most generous thing he could do at the time. This man jumped in his rusty, old pick-up truck and chased the man who ran our friend over all the way to the suspect’s house, about twenty minutes away. The next morning, when we found out what had happened to her, we were devastated. It was hard for the people that saw and spoke to her everyday. It was hard to think of how I will never drink our too hot coffee with her while we wait for the truck to arrive (my parents deliver newspapers, which is how we know her). We all loved her and when someone you love passes away at the hands of someone else, it can be hard to forgive that person. It is hard to deal with the pain that we all feel, but over time it will lessen, and so far it has.

We all wanted him dead. We wanted him gone just like how Becky is gone. I believe that he should have stayed and helped her. He should have been there to ease her pain and he should not have tried to run away from his mistake. I believe that when people make mistakes they should face the consequences of their actions, not run away from them. This man may have been on drugs at the time, but if you’re on drugs you should still know the difference between right and wrong.

Drugs mess up people’s better judgment. They make them do stupid things, but it is not an excuse to go out and kill somebody, wither it is intentional or an accident. You should try to always own up to your mistakes, if at all possible because it is the right thing to do. Don’t run from your problems; they just create new ones.