One Person Can Make a Difference in The Lives of Others

Lindsay - Waldo, Maine
Entered on October 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe one person can make the difference in the lives of others. As a nurse, I believe I have the power to make the difference in lives, and that is part of my job to do so.

The change in a person’s life can be small difference or it could be a large difference, but all that matters is that it changes someone for the better. Everyone in his/her life has someone who has reached out to them or influenced them in some way, and it is important for people to continue to reach out and help others.

While I was younger, I had many people who influenced me. Whether it was friends, teachers, parents, or coaches, I believe they all touched my life and made a difference for the better. As a nurse, I hope to get the chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

During my senior year, I was contemplating whether or not nursing was the path for me. I decided to take a Health Science class. The teacher’s name was Patty Sheehan and she was the best teacher to have to ensure that I was leading the right path for my life. She gave me the skills and confidence to succeed in my CNA course and the confidence to continue my education at the college level to become a nurse.

Ms. Sheehan led by example. In every clinical setting others looked up to her. She was kind with every patient and I could tell she made all of them feel safe and secure, just the way I hope to make my patients feel some day.

At one nursing home where we spent time at there was a patient named “Jane,” who had dementia and never spoke with anyone, not a word. She did not speak with her husband or her children. However, when Ms. Sheehan was in a room with her, she could get her to sing a song and say a few sentences. It was the only time I saw “Jane” smile. Every time Ms. Sheehan entered the room “Jane” smiled and sang.

I believe one person can make the difference in the life of others. As a nurse, I hope to do so whether it is a small difference or a significantly large difference, even if it is to just put a smile on someone’s face like Patty Sheehan did with “Jane.”