Servers are Human Too.

David - USA
Entered on October 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

Servers are Human Too

When you go out to eat with family, friends, and even co-workers for a business meeting or just to talk and have a good dinner with them. The question is though are you acknowledging your server, the person that is taking care of you? Are you listening to them as they are talking to you about the menu or the food? Some people don’t realize that servers are also there to make your night go along better. They are making sure that you can enjoy your food and drinks. That’s not all they are there for though, they are doing this job because they like to talk to other people and have a good conversation with them. Most servers that take care of you are people that like to talk to you make jokes with you and have a good time with you.

The server that is taking care of you is human also you don’t have to treat them like a dog by whistling to get their attention or snapping your fingers. The server is there for you they will come to you they can see your face and can tell that there is something you need when you look at them. If there is something wrong with your food don’t be afraid to have them take it back. In most restaurants you will get a free meal if you don’t like the way it is cooked, or if there is something wrong with your food. If a server is at another table you don’t go over and interrupt them be patient and wait your turn the server will walk by your table and if you need something just say the servers name and they will be right there.

Every time you go out to eat make a conversation with your server, it doesn’t have to be one that takes up your time just like a two minute conversation works. The server would love that and take care of you even better. I guarantee if you make your server laugh that he will take even better care of you because he know that you want to enjoy your meal. Just be polite to your server and treat them with respect. Some people treat servers like slaves and not humans and it will make the server loose their respect for you.