I Believe in Travel

Kathryn - Milford, Connecticut
Entered on October 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, place

I believe in travel.

I believe in the value of road trips. What I learned about my friends and myself the summer I drove the perimeter of the great United States in my little red Volkswagon Jetta is unforgettable. I learned the value of authentic cowboy hats in Texas and flying fish at the market in Seattle.

I believe in the benefit of commuting. My monthly Metro-North ticket is an allowance for reflection on my daily life or a chance to read a novel a week. It is a time to let myself relax with the rhythm of the tracks and observe the rhythm of the passing seasons.

I believe in the value of public transportation. Even if my segment on the Beeline bus from the train station is inconvenient, my daily taste of Port Chester bus stop culture is an important reminder about what really matters in life.

I believe in the value of walking. Whether it is walking a Californian labyrinth on my honeymoon, a sacred Hindu pilgrimage to the mouth of the Ganges River in the Himalayans, or to the car after running a half-marathon, walking is good for the soul.

I believe in holiday travel. For the past eleven years I haven’t lived near my family. Whether it is over the river and through the woods or on a jet plane from West Palm Beach, going home for the holidays is special. At times, the adventure/battle of getting there, makes it that much more heartwarming.

I believe in safe travel. I’ve clung desperately to trains in Thailand so as not to tumble out. I’ve driven out of hurricanes; and I’ve driven through blizzards in Vermont. Each has taught me a lesson: travel can be rewarding but one must also respect boundaries, our own human limitations, and the force of Mother Nature.

I believe in thinking about the steps we take in life. Is our journey meaningful? Is it green? It is fun? Is it meandering or fast paced? I believe in looking out the window. I believe in being mindful of our path.

I believe in travel.