Julian - Sunrise, Florida
Entered on October 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that tears are the strongest form of emotions. A tear is shed for every death, every championship, and every time that a person who was supposed to be nothing in life becomes “something”. I cry each time I look at the picture of my grandmother that sits next to my bed. She taught me so much especially when she told me “To live the best life possible and whenever you think the going is rough, think about our family’s struggles coming over from Cuba and losing everything and having to start over just for freedom.” I will never forget the day when I thought I would lose her. I was 15 years old and I was out and about with a couple of my friends playing a local pick-up game when I had heard my phone’s ringtone going off in the distance. I quickly jogged off the basketball court and answered it seeing it was my mother. She told me to come home that she needed me. Without hesitation I explained to my friends that I had to go home.

When I arrived home from the community center I had saw tears drizzling down my mom’s cheeks. Confusion rose within me. I wondered what had happen. I asked her in a very scared tone “what‘s wrong?” The few seconds before she answered felt like hours. She become quiet trying to wipe the tears off her face and incoherently said “Grandma had a heart attack”. I suddenly felt tears running down my own cheeks then momentarily she told me “She will be ok, but she is going to need a surgery that is a gigantic risk and could be fatal, if it falls through she could be a lot better. I had begun to think of all the good times I had enjoyed with her. Growing up it seemed as if your parents and the people closest to you are immortal until reality actually strikes you.

Several days passed and sleeping was out of the picture. All I could do was cry and think about a life lived without her. The day of her surgery had finally arrived and we took a trip to the hospital to see her after surgery. The tears and smile on her face when I, her first grandchild walked in to her room and give her a very gentle hug was like no other to me. The expression on her face is my motivation to become somebody and to never disappoint her in any of my actions whether she knows them or not. Something so simple as a released drop let out by your emotions can be so strong and mean so much and really show your relationship with another being and how much someone or something really means to you. This is why I believe crying is the strongest form of emotion.