kids having kids

Raimee - Golden, Colorado
Entered on October 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: birth, children

I believe that America’s youth is growing up too fast

I was over at a friend’s house one day when I was in high school. Her mother just woke up from her day nap after a long night shift as a nurse at St. Lutherans Hospital. My friend asked her mom about her night. Her mother said that it was alright, but there was a girl who came in that was only 12 years old that was going into labor. I was absolutely shocked. I thought of myself when I was that age. I still occasionally played with my dolls, and I still had to be reminded to brush my teeth every so often. I was still a child myself and definitely not ready to have a child of my own. I believe that kids are having sex way too early.

There are even young girls who are trying to get pregnant. I was watching an episode of the Tyra Banks Show and there were 10 girls that were 16 years old or younger who were pregnant or who had children already, trying to convince these five girls who were having unprotected sex with hopes that they would get pregnant, that it is not smart to have a child so young. It just makes me wonder, what makes girls want to have a child? Well besides just the natural desire that most women have to have their own children, a lot of the girls just want to have a baby so that they will feel loved and needed. Some of the girls on the show also said that they wanted to have a child because they thought that it would be fun to be able to have a baby shower.

So now, how do we fix this problem? For one, I think parents need to get more involved in their kids lives. It seems like parents get so wrapped up in their work they forget about their children. Also, kids need to get involved in extra curricular activities. It has been proven that if kids are involved in sports or clubs they are less likely to start having sex. I think that if parents just start paying more attention to their children things will start turning around and kids will start acting like kids again.