Powerful Love

Cynthia - Hermon, Maine
Entered on October 19, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family, love

I believe in the power of a mother’s love. The love of a mother is basic, pure, instinctual, unconditional, and surpasses time. The gift of this love can guide a person through both hard times and times of happiness. I also believe that this powerful love will be with a person’s spirit even after the physical presence of a mother is gone.

My own mother is an inspiration, an example of extraordinary unselfishness, inner strength and the ability to enjoy the simple things in life. I know I am lucky. I have seen firsthand that my mother would do for me before, and some time instead of herself. At a time when being a single mother was a rarity and child care centers few, my mother stopped nursing and took a job as a school bus driver in order for me to be with her. Dancing and gymnastics lessons on a driver’s salary surely must have been a struggle, but she watched me proudly at every recital. To this day is still a mystery how she managed to put me through private school.

I have known since I was small that my mother’s love was impressive. It would calm my fears, give me hope, and heal all my hurts. It showed me that anything was possible. If something is important enough for a person to work hard at, then she or he can reach all of your dreams. My mother taught me that with this gift of love, having just one person believe in you and love you unconditionally is more powerful than an army standing behind you. However, it was not until I became a mother that I fully understood and appreciated the depth and the courage it takes to give of yourself completely and the pure joy you can obtain from the smile of your child, from hearing the words ‘I love you’, and from the satisfaction of watching your child grow and mature into a responsible, caring and thoughtful individual. The love of a mother is both the greatest gift to receive and the greatest gift to share.