Words can hurt.

Maren - New Hampton, New Hampshire
Entered on October 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that words can hurt. Words have a meaning.

Different meanings. They can describe something in a positive or negative way. Lots of words can make you smile, but you can also cry.

So what do I really thing about the statement: „Words can hurt“ is, that there are lots of stories I can tell the readers. First, I am starting with a small example. I am at school and there is a new student and it is her first day, she is so excited to be there, but everyone is asking her questions and she feels hurt, because she doesn’t really know how to answer all these questions.

Moreover, I had a really big conversation with my best friend. She thought that I was different than I am normal be and shouted at me and made me crying because of here spoken words. That was one day I will never forget. That were lots of unfriendly words and they were make me feel very sad. After the whole conversation we did not communicate for about over 6 months since I started to get in contact with her to make sure that I do not want to loose her and try to fix the fight between us. Now we are friends again and I am proud to present her again my best friend. That was a situation which really showed me that words can hurt.

Words can hurt. In my personal view this statement is true and I believe that you can have lots of different emotions when someone makes fun about you with using words that can really make you feel bad and lonely.

My advice is to try do not talking with using bad words. Try to usw words that can describe soemthing negative but not to make someone feeling it. I believe that it is going to work.