I Oppose the Republican Agenda

Cathleen - West Orange, New Jersey
Entered on October 19, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I Oppose the Republican Agenda

Specifically, I believe in the Bill of Rights, especially the separation of Church and State. I believe that George Bush has allowed his administration to foster a religious fundamentalist agenda to which I am bitterly opposed. I don’t believe that God sends us natural disasters because we don’t practice Christianity in the public schools. My “god” is in the details…in the love, respect, protection, health and welfare of the planet and of all of the people and animals on it. My god is tolerant, inclusive and non-judgmental. She doesn’t care whom we have consenting sex with, what we read or watch, doesn’t have a favorite sports team, doesn’t want women to wear bulky clothing, or men to have lots of wives. I don’t believe that “God” condemns homosexuals, or that marriage needs to be defined as between a man and a woman, or that gay marriage threatens traditional marriage. I do not believe that God plans the U.S. military strategy.

I believe in Roe v. Wade. Women should have a choice to bear children. That doesn’t mean I think abortion should be the contraception of choice. I just think it means they can choose NOT to have a child come into the world that is unwanted or unable to be cared for.

I believe that Sex Education, not Abstinence should be taught in public schools.

I believe that gun control or limitations on assault weapons are compatible with the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. I believe in animal rights. I do not think we should kill them for sport, or fun, or for their fur, or delight in their suffering and death, use them for experiments…or eat them.

I believe in the Freedom of Speech. I am not fearful of ideas so I do not favor banning or burning books. You never know where you might learn something true or useful. I believe in science; in Evolution, not Creationism. Science is useful. It helps us figure out what is truth and what is superstition. I believe that our schools need to teach critical thinking skills so that we do not blindly adhere to inane “no tolerance” policies instead of reasoned “judgment.” I believe man has made significant contributions to global warming, and that the Republicans have a shameful record of denying and neglecting environmental issues. I believe we should vigorously develop alternative energies and drive small energy efficient cars.

I do not believe in the Bush Doctrine. I believe that Americans can be patriotic, love their country and still oppose an unjust war. I believe with the overwhelming majority of Americans that we should end the war in Iraq. I do not believe we are safer now. I think more people hate us and not for our “freedoms” but for our aggression. I think the way to spread democracy around the world is to be the model of a working, prosperous democracy in action. I believe the Bush administration has wasted billions of dollars on a war that could have been better spent on security at home, better intelligence, and for dealing with more serious threats or atrocities around the world. I believe we need to negotiate more and attempt to win back the friendship, support and good will of our European allies. I believe the Homeland Security Act and Patriot Act have irresponsibly and illegally eroded our individual civil rights.

I believe the Republicans’ irresponsible deregulation of the financial industry has ruined the economy through lack of minimal financial oversight. I believe that there is a seriously widening gap between the wealthiest in our nation and a diminishing middle class. I believe that every citizen is entitled to health care.

I believe that America has lost its focus on what democracy really means. A democracy requires the people to understand ideas and issues…and that requires the reading, not the burning, of books. I think that instead of putting the Ten Commandments on the lawns of town courthouses, if we want to display ten good ideas, they ought to be the Bill of Rights.