Anarchy Equals Freedom

John - indianhills, Colorado
Entered on October 19, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Anarchy Equals Freedom.

I believe in anarchy and peace. Hard to believe? Well it’s a hard belief to live by.

This ideal however mis-represented, and villianized is the only way our species can survive.

Our current totalitarian system of government, and its ultimate authority on the people has a tight stranglehold on our freedom . Our government is killing us all, and the fact is the only way to survive is to unify and fight against those that would enslave us. We are kept blind, but if we opened our eyes we would see the truth that we are allowing ourselves to be oppressed, and those that we empower are the ones that are the cause. Our government spends trillions on national defense ,so they can wage wars on our supposed enemies; forcefully invading sovereign nations under the guise of liberation .They destroy these nations ,forcing their citizens into submission ,and exploiting their national resources. All of this is done right in front of our eyes, and yet we do nothing. People are being murdered by our hands ,and still we work, and spend continuously feeding the machine that is capitalist government. The beast that we have created(Our government.) grips us with fear, telling us fairytales, intimidating us with threats of terrorist attacks, causing us to continue allowing them to twist the media perspective, and lie to us. Materialist consumerism is the driving force for these , and all atrocities that we help to propagate.

In a society where we allow cash to be king ,and greed is the status quo; we continue to

let these incompetent usurpers of human right drive our species into total extinction. The time to act is now .If this continues our children will have nothing. We will have nothing, and our world will continue down the road to annihilation. All species adapt, form fits function, andwhen traits for a species are no longer viable , that species changes to propagate itself and ensure its place in the history of this planet. If the species does not adapt then it becomes obsolete. Extinction is the only constant. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our future to adapt, and to purge the cancer that is capitalism and authoritarian government. This is a call to revolution; an outcry to my fellow man .Stand up to the oppressors .Stand up to those that would enslave. Unify globally, and together we’ll break their chains .Together we can fix this current crises. Together we can make way for rebirth!