Eat Veggies Not Flesh

Mariana - New London, New Hampshire
Entered on October 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Picture yourself looking into a trailer full of animals being shipped off to slaughter houses. You see dead ones that all the others are standing on. Faces with cracked in sculls and open wounds that have larva growing inside of them, legs with bones sticking out of them. Barley being able to breath because the smell of their own urine is to strong to bare. And, to top it off being shipped to their painful death. Is this humane? What did animals do to us that make you think its right to make them suffer like that? I believe that animals do not disserve to be tortured and die like this.

Imagine being a cow born for slaughter. Once you get off your mothers milk you are put onto a strict diet that you can barley live on. You are fed liquid fat (from already dead cows) corn, no grass, the crappies grain possible, and to keep you alive, three different types of antibiotics. Your new home is a cold metal rectangle with a place to stick your head out of and a bar on either side to make sure u can’t lie down or walk around because you will “ruin” the meat if you do. Finally you get fat enough to be loaded on to the trailer going to the slaughter house. Once everyone is on and you take off to the death house everyone starts to panic. Cows fall down, you get hurt. You’re standing there with a gash in your scull. Beneath you are a cow that was killed from the panic. You have reached your destination. Once you get off u go through the shoot leading to the part where you’re stunned. You can hear everything. You reach the machine. From fear you try to run away and the murderer gets you in the wrong spot. Your not quiet motionless yet. The second time you are. But you still are conscious and can feel pain. You reach the guy with the blade. You get skinned while you’re still alive; finally you pass away when he got finished skinning half of your body.

Plain old animal abuse like people sticking a cat in the microwave to see what will happen is completely wrong too. No animal should have a life of fear and pain knowing that people thinks it’s hilarious when they die. Think about one last thing. What would it be like to not be fed till the point where you will do anything for a small piece of meet, even kill your own kind. Having someone slowly cut off each leg and leaving you to bleed to death. Being shoved into a jar, and having people laugh and point while your bones slowly break and you loose all oxygen around you.

Do you really think animals deserve this life? What really doesn’t make sense is when humans are treated this way it’s o so bad and all of a sudden people care. Animals are the same. They feel pain; they have feelings just like us. They’re mammals and so are we. This should not be happening!