T is Tantalizing H is for Heart-stopping I is for Incredible C is for Captivating K is for Knockout

Aiza - Ypsilanti, Michigan
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that no matter how skinny or phat you are, you are you. When I was about five to seven years old, I was skinny. I never wanted to be fat at all. I was scared of being fat, until I realized skinny people were just as equal as heavy-weighted people.Well, people used to make fun of me cause I was skinny. I was so tired that over the summer I used food to help me with my anger. Food was my answer to everything; frustration,depression, and being irritated by peoples comments.All of that food end becoming a burden because I got thicker. When I was ten, I used to get angry because I couldn’t find clothes my size I had to start wearing women clothes. I would cry in the store a lot of times cause I was getting frustrated. in the sixth grade i was deeply depressed, I just never felt happy. When I started middle school everyone seemed prettier and skinnier than me. There would be maybe few other girls who were thicker,but some were still pretty and others were made fun of. I then started wearing men t-shirts to cover my stomach because i was ashamed. If me and my mom would go to the mall I would feel so uncomfortable cause I would see skinny black and white girls flaunting their figure. I would get jealous and angry. I hated myself for letting kids opinions change me from who I really was and what I looked like. I hated my hair, my eyes, stomach, legs, arms, feet, and my personality. One day in the summertime after eighth grade year and I got my report car, I made a decision that I would love myself no matter my flaws, no matter who called me fat or ugly I’d just say,”I’m beautiful and lovely, if you don’t like it don’t look.” I changed myself for me and nobody else. Because “Thick Is Lovely” I realize that and I’ll remember that for the rest of my days.