Love Don’t Have a Prerequisite

Busuyi - Columbia, Maryland
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

I believe that we do not do anything for others to accept and love us before they do. We fall in love with others without a cogent reason, but in other to justify our action to love we attribute it to a physical material or unseen emotion. And if we ever got challenged for what or who we love we are quick to point people’s attention to what eyes can see. We love others not for what they look like nor what they wear but for no reason known.

I am not the only child of my parents neither am I the only son. I am neither first nor last child but I enjoy the love of my mother more than all other children. In my early stage I had thought my mother was harsh towards me but it all proved wrong when I look back to those days. She loved me more than others that she made me suffer for almost every misdeed done in the house. When I couldn’t bear the punishment I fled to my dad since they were not living together. I will always remember that day. My mother wept profusely that I was going. She didn’t want me to go.

Let me fast forward a little bit, there come a time I could look my mother in the face and ask whatever is in my mind. Having noticed her special affection towards me, which seldom cause chaos in the house I asked her why is she partial in loving her children, and that I think she put me ahead of others affectionately. I remember she looked a bit worried and then smiled. She said a parent always have one special child among his or her children. I went further to ask why me? She was quick to answer that that I listen and obey her. That was a big lie. My mum lied. I told her that I don’t believe it because I found it difficult to differentiate my habit from other children. We all behave the same way which sometimes makes us disagree fervently with one another. But my dear mother insisted that I can’t see it by my self because I’m one of the children.

What more can I say, I didn’t believe her excuses. I only come to realization that it is not what we do or say that makes people to love us. I believe that they love us for no cogent reason out of their unconsciousness.