Individuality is Key

Molly - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being yourself. Individuality. Being unique. These words can be deathly difficult for some people and can come with ease and enthusiasm for others. I believe that in the process of achieving myself, I have noticed the importance of it – how it can be the single determination of whether of not you are happy in life.

When I was younger, I lived in Texas. I moved to Georgia when I was in seventh grade. I had a comfortable life and was confident with everyone in Texas since I had known them all my life. I thought I was myself. I was wrong.

When I moved to Georgia, it was like that confidence had been stolen from me, and I was left insecure and longing to fit in. It took me a long time before I actually revived that confidence, but when I did, it was even stronger.

For most of seventh and eighth grade I had a false sense of confidence and happiness. I strived to fit in with everyone, trying to be like others and conform. I remember several times when a girl at school would say either to my face or behind my back how insecure I was and how I was trying too hard to be something I was not. However, by the time I returned home from school, I had already told myself at least a thousand times it was not true. I would try my hardest to push these comments out of my life, yet on some level they were always there.

When I finally finished eighth grade was when I quit. I quit trying hard to be friends with people I was not sure even truly liked me. I quit the urge to be someone that I knew I was not – no matter how much I denied it. During that summer after eighth grade was when I became myself.

All the comments from girls and the lack of security with myself overloaded inside of me, and I could not hide them anymore. It was a difficult task for me to complete, but after this realization that I was not happy, I knew I had to change something. There is one song I really took into consideration during this time. It is called, “This is Your Life,” by Switchfoot. The song has a message telling people everyone should be the kind of people they want to. I believe this really helped me get through this difficult transition.

I now am a confident, strange, weird, and happy person. I have learned many things throughout my life, but this is the most important to me. Trying to conform with others does no make you happy. You can only make yourself a happy person by being yourself. I am myself now, and I love my life. Now I live my own life, which is what I believe everyone should do. Because, as Switchfoot says in their song, “this is your life – are you who you want to be?”