Rachel - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

By the age of six, I have had the obligation of transferring to and from my mother’s and father’s due to my parents divorce. At that age, I was responsible for keeping track of my belongings which I had difficulty time with. I remember arriving at my dad’s house and I would be unpacking my overnight bag when I realized I had forgotten my toothbrush. I did not want to have to impose on my parents to drive me to pick up my personal items that I had forgotten. It wasn’t until the age of fifteen when I discovered I needed to create balance within my life. Among school, friends, and after school activities, I became overwhelmed within myself. I felt unbalanced because I always had my belongings in two places. The questions came constantly in my mind as to who is going to pick me up? What time will I be picked up? Will I have enough time to finish my work? I was frequently overwhelmed and frustrated just from transitioning from my mothers to my fathers. Now, I able to understand the dynamics in each household and understand how different they are. This concept helped me understand my difficulty adjusting to two drastic environments. I realized that transitioning from my mothers to my fathers truly had an effect on me because I had to change my personality to adjust to the new environment. I came to the conclusion that I needed balance in my life. I would have to create a system using balance to stray away from becoming disorganized.

After transferring to a new high school, I had to create balance within friends, family schoolwork, and most importantly myself. Through my experiences, I have realized that without balance, chaos forms and has a domino effect on me. It took me many years to find my own definition of balance and then apply the concept to my daily life. Sometimes during the day, I take a moment and think about the balance that I need to create. I have come to the realization through knowing that balance is what truly keeps me going everyday. I realize that without balance, my life would be unstable. Like a carved, marble statue, located in a museum will crash into pieces if the statue is not constructed well. I make it easy on myself to stray away from disfunction. Balance has helped me through my teenagers years and I assume will continue to help me.