Daily Inspiration

Carly - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Even though they are rarely given out, you can always give a second chance to yourself, which is perhaps the best kind. I learned this in a difficult way last December.

It was my progess report. Two D’s and an F. I could not put it off any longer—I had to tell my parents. The thought made me nauseous. How my grades had fallen, I could not have told you. The pressure was at an all time high. I could fail my first semester of high school. After an extremely long day of school, I arrived home to break the news. Their reactions were just what I expected. They were angry, but most of all they felt like I had betrayed their trust by not telling them when I needed help. Most of all, they were disappointed. Unfortunately, I took the typical mindset of a teenager and did not take in a word of what my parents were saying. “I can pull it up on my own!” I told them, only to go outside and call my friends to keep my mind off it.

It was a few days later when I received an email from my dad when I asked for help.

It was about himself in college. I was always the type of student that would rarely have to study to ace a test, which I believe was one of the reasons for my downfall. Apparently, he was the same through school. When he entered Tennessee, he was in for a surprise. He failed two courses.

I felt terrible for telling him just a few days pervious that he could not understand. It was only then I realized the problem was not that the school was difficult. It was that I was not trying. How had I not cared? From then on I did all I could to bring my grades up. I stayed after school asking for help, or I would get together on weekends with friends for study sessions. It took a gargantuan effort, but by the end of the semester, I had turned it around. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.

I honestly believed I was trapped in a never ending hole. That I would never pull those dreadful grades around. But after that single email, I changed my attitude. I have a much more optimistic point of view and I trust myself more than before. I believe I have taken enormous strides since then. It’s true that I’m stuck with a lower GPA than what I covet, but it is also true that I have the power to turn it around. I have discovered that I have the ability to change it whenever I want, as long as I work at it, and if I really want to. I still have that email for daily inspiration. I only wish I discovered this sooner. There’s always a second chance. You just can not be afraid to ask for help.