This I Believe

Nick - 30068, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I Believe”

I believe in drumming. Drums are the oldest musical instrument, vital to human existence. Everyone can appreciate, recognize, and enjoy good drumming. It brings together cultures and people in a way no other force could; drumming connects to the sole. I believe in the escape and relief drumming provides.

That is exactly what music provides for me, an escape from reality. My reality, waking up early five days a week, attending school for seven hours, and completing two hours of homework a night, is an important reality, but one I despise. The only way I cope with this stressful, demanding and repressive environment it to escape through drumming.

The great thing about drumming is that I can do it anywhere, anytime, anyhow. I drum on desks, books, chairs, countertops, and the kitchen sink. I drum constantly: while taking a test, while talking to someone, even sometimes while I sleep, as I’ve been told. I believe in drumming and the relief it provides for me.

I can still remember the moment I found out that drumming was my own personal nirvana. I was sitting in my 6th grade Social Studies class, when my teacher Mrs. Puryear called on me. I was asleep and failed to answer question. “Why were you asleep Nick?” she asked. To which I replied: “Because this is so boring.” This earned me a trip to the principals office. The principal started to give me a lecture saying “how disrespectful my comment was” and how “this was going on my permanent record.” I was close to breaking down and crying. Suddenly though, I started to tap my foot to the beat of his words.


“You’ll receive a detention.”


“I’m calling your parents.”


“Your mother will not be happy”.

Instantly, the creation of that simple beat gave me instant reassurance. From that moment I was enlightened by the power of drumming.

Drumming like it’s my job, has provided me with many life skills and experiences. It’s taught me how to be flexible and adapt quickly to changes. When I’m jamming with a band, I’ve got to interact with all the players and respond quickly to what they’re doing. It’s taught me to be more open to music in general. If a song has decent drumming, I’ll listen to it, leading me to broaden my musical horizons. And that’s a lesson I’ve tried to carry over to my real life. No matter what kind of bias you have against something, giving it a chance might be beneficial.

Everyone can relate to drumming. Every rock concert I’ve ever been to features a drum solo, which everyone loves, sometimes even more than the band performing. This clearly shows the appeal of drums to the human soul is undeniable. The escape and joy it provides to me is invaluable. Drumming is my daily bread, which without I could not survive. That is why I believe in drumming.