I Believe a Friend Can be Your Hero

Samantha - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe a friend who reaches out can make a difference in a person’s life. I believe a friend’s advice can change a person’s way of thinking.

Alaina had everything going for her. Her great looks, warm personality, and academic ability drew people towards her and made them want to be her friend. These positive attributes worked for her. She reached her eight grade year and they only seemed to work against Alaina.

After accepting a date from a ninth grade boy at her future high school, Alaina started to notice jealous vibes and mean attacks from a group of girls in this boy’s grade. She intended on avoiding conflict with them, and did the best she should to stay out of their way. One night, a party was thrown and different school and grades were forced to mingle. Alaina spotted her enemies across the room. Their eyes sent looks of hate that pierced their way through Alaina. They sauntered over and made it very clear of their dislike towards her. “You better watch out. When you get to high school we are going to make your life a living hell.” They wanted to make Alaina feel inferior. They were aiming to make her scared, trying to make her feel smaller than a mouse. The girls accomplished this, moved on and eventually forgot about Alaina.

Alaina did not forget. She was unsure of why they hated her so much. These comments haunted her day in and day out. She became worried and depressed. She was afraid to reach high school, and petrified of what might happen to her. She was mad at the world and herself for being the way she was. Alaina closed herself off from everybody and when asked if anything was wrong she stuck with, “I’m fine.” Friends eventually gave up on Alaina and moved on with their lives, while Alaina seemed to be stuck in a deep dark hold with nobody to turn to.

Just before Christmas Alaina was found dead in her closet. A belt was tied around her neck and her body hung still. Things had gotten so bad that she felt it was right to take her own life. She felt this was the easiest way to put her out of misery.

Sometimes when I look back on this tragic incident I question whether or not I could have saved Alaina, or at least made a difference. In some ways I believe I could have saved her life but nobody really knows. Was it that she wanted a shoulder to cry on, or was it what she needed? I feel like Alaina wanted to break down and tell somebody how she was feeling but her screams turned to silence and were lost when she lost hope.

Instead of giving up on her I should have stuck through.

Friends are always needed and sometimes desperately wanted through hard times. How are we supposed to know if a person needs us when they have lost their voice? We cannot know but we can assume. Reaching out may not be bale to save a life but it sure can make an impact on one. With reassurance, sympathy, and words of wisdom from a peer I believe we all can make a difference. Friends are essential to your life. This I believe.