I Believe In Success

Rohan - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Ten minutes are left in the fourth quarter. Fans are going wild, and the score is tied. The ball heavily rests at the fifty six yard line. I hear the coach yelling for the field goal team. I cringe with sweat as our kicker attempts the daring field goal. The whole team crosses their fingers as the kicker steps out to the field. Nobody moves. Slowly, the confident kicker signals for the ball, then has it aligned by the holder. Finally, he swings his brave leg at the ball! Silence envelops the stands. Waiting; tick tock tick tock, the seconds on the clock hit zero.

The ball is now traveling through the last ten yards of the field. This is the final outcome: goal, or no goal. I turn my head so that I do not see the outcome, yet I still have the crowd to signal the goal with a cheer. Finally, I hear the beautiful sound of cheering; I couldn’t believe it. I enthusiastically looked up at the scoreboard and I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me. The final score, as clear as day, was twenty four raiders and twenty one hornets. We had won! This life recollect enforces the central idea that brings on my belief statement of success.

Success is something you feel deep within yourself. This feeling comes from the heart. As you experience this sensation, all of your sorrows diminish, and a new feeling emerges. This feeling is a relief from the real world, which makes you want to pride fully pat yourself on the back. In addition to this feeling, the monetary definition of success is

stated as a strong aspect of belief that is achieved when an important part of your life is reached. This part of my football career allowed me to believe in success to the potential of all beliefs. As I write this essay, I look back at that joyful football day, as well as many other indecisive incidents throughout my life, to see a little someone who truthfully believes in success.