I Believe in Plastic Surgery

Linda - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

We are judged and discriminated by how we look. Do not deny it.

I have never seen a pretty girl without friends. I see ugly girls without friends.

Ugly girls are discriminated against by shallow peers during their teenage years, the time when their personalities develop. They are doomed to be unattractive and dull. They will marry an unattractive man of the same situation and continue the line with their ugly children, trapping themselves in an endless cycle just like the farmers in western china, doomed to be farm for eternity.

However, through the miracles of plastic, the cycle can end. A girl gets her face redone, gets implants, and is good to go. Maybe she will marry a famous CEO and live a fairy tale life, happily ever after. After all, Cinderella was pretty.

Ugly girls are frowned upon. Nothing they do can come out right. If a beautiful blonde leaves a book in a classroom and comes back to got it, some boys will think “How cute!” at her embarrassed smile and watch her as she leaves the room. If an ugly girl forgets her book, most people will avert their eyes and whisper “What a loser!” Appearance is everything.

Old ladies blame this truth on celebrities, the media, and Photoshop. It is impossible for young girls to look like that in real life, they say. They should stop going bulimic in order to be perfect. They are beautiful as they are. They should focus on schoolwork instead, right? No. Walk down the street anywhere, a mall, beach, or even a school. There are so many girls who are perfection personified, straight out of Glamour magazine. How is this possible? Plastic.

Appearance makes the important first impression, and attractiveness demands respect. Girls can have almost everything: money, brains, personality, but they must be pretty to be appreciated. Before, everyone was stuck with what face and body they were given, but now we have the power to change it, bring the matter into our own hands. This is the society of today. This is the truth. This, I believe.