True Passion

William - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

For so long I have indulged my time to other activities I could not care less about. My goal in life has been to become an accomplished musician, but school has been obliterating all possible chances of accomplishing that goal. This obstacle is pushing me away from what makes me… me.

Over many years, people have told me how “talented” I am and that I am one of the best musicians in our band. I agree with them, because I have practiced every day on scales, and musical etudes for auditions that I have not yet succeeded in. So many hours have been spent on this “dream” of mine, only because of how easy middle school was at the time. I had no stress and no home work. There seemed to be nothing standing in my way.

Then high school happened. It had all changed. It consists of what I hated about middle school and more. There is too much homework for me to deal with! The first part of the semester was traumatizing to me because I was never required to do so many things at once. Gradually, my focus would shift from studying music, to school work. My parents want me to go to college and be successful like every other person seems to be. Also, I had joined the marching band. Although it is so much fun; it is extremely time consuming. There was no time for my music or even for my home work. Naturally, my practice time became zero, and my preparations for auditions were hanging on “talent” alone.

Just recently my band director uttered the words that strengthen what I believe. He said “if there is something worth doing in life, then it requires time and hard work.” Every professional athlete and performer got to where they are because they are passionate in what they do, they put time into it, and they work with all of their hearts to accomplish it. These kinds of people are the ones who always come out on top, and gain the respect of the world. Of all people, it took a high school band director to teach me this.

I know believe in holding on to what I truly love to do and push through all obstacles preventing me from reaching my goal. I can not give up on my dreams for “lack” of time. There is always time; even if it costs me good grades. I need to play my heat out and show everyone that I am the best musician. I need to show people that I am successful. I need to believe in my music… my true passion.