Casts Suck

Jeff - Morehead City, North Carolina
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Casts Sucks

I believe that wearing hard casts suck. It seems as if it would be very hard if not impossible to do most all tasks, like writing this essay for say.

A few weeks ago, I had the bright idea of punching a wall. Along with major pain and swelling came a full arm hard cast. So, not only do I believe, I know that casts suck. I have been in this green contraption for a little over a week now and the pain and itching has not stopped for a second. Along with the annoyance, this thing has really been in the way of school, driving, work, and just about everything else in my daily routine.

School is the ultimate teenager’s dream; I do not do much of anything because I cannot write. Although this may seem like barrels of fun, it is pathetic and very easy to get behind in all classes. Driving is a little different because I always drive with my right hand, well, not anymore. As much as I hate working, it is a part life and it has to be done. At my place of work, it is a major health code violation to have a cast and make food. It is such a big violation because casts collect so many bacteria and germs, and you cannot wash a cast.

Along with all of the restrictions casts put on you, they stink. My cast, after 2 days, was rank and just gets worse and worse as time goes.

My cast has a really big soft spot in it, and it is unraveling, so I am hoping that I can get a new one before the whole eight weeks is up. Then, maybe it will not get to stinky.

Well, this is my experience with casts, and I really hope that I never get into this predicament again. So, when asked the question, what do I believe, I would have to say that casts suck and are very annoying and not very user friendly. If I were any of you guys, I would never punch a wall. It does not resolve anything and most of the time you will hurt yourself. I not only believe this; I know it for an absolute fact.