Childhood Innocence

Jaquan - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I feel after a certain age, life tends to get really complicated. I believe that childhood innocence is a really important part of a person’s life.

When I was younger, life was all about fun and relaxing. All I ever worried about was what games I could play with my friends and family that would keep me from being bored or what time will I just stop all my activities to go take a nap. Now that I’m older, I worry about thing that can potentially affect my life like the declining stock markets, the ruined economy, and the possibilities of the mortgages and taxes being raised.

When I was a young child all I wanted to do was get older. I would “hang out” with my cousins (more like tag along) and I would see the having fun. They would stay out late with friends and do all types of things. At the time I wasn’t aware of the problems and all the responsibilities that came with getting older. As a young child I usually just play hide and go seek or tag in my free time, but now as a high student that has all changed. Now my life consists of worrying about grades, sports, and colleges I could possibly attend. It seems after I realized what life is really about, all I deal with is stressful things.

I believe in childhood innocence because when you don’t have any of the world’s worries on your shoulders, you are free. During days where I’m completely stressed out with school and football I try to remember the days when my only worries were picking what toys I would be playing with or what television program I would be watching. Imagine a life where you don’t worry about school, jobs, financial issues, and even family problems. When you’re young that’s life. It’s almost therapeutic to think about. All weight lifted from your shoulders. Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time and be young again, but being older has an upside to. I get to drive and go places and when I was younger I wasn’t able to do that and I am more aware of the issues in the world. When Nine Eleven happened, I was only in the third grade and the event didn’t really “hit” me until I got older. Since I was a child, I really didn’t know about terrorists. If I was more aware of everything that goes on I might have been traumatized from the event because at the time I was living in New York.

My belief is very important to me. Childhood innocence shields you from things that go on that could possibly scar you for life. I feel it’s sometimes a good thing that children aren’t as aware of society’s problems as adults or even teenagers.