Never Give Up

Brandon - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that football is the best sport ever and you should never give up keep practicing.

I love to play football. It’s like my most favorite sport. A long time ago, I was probably nine years old. My stepbrother, my friends, and I used to play football a lot. Everyday after school, we would play in the backyard. Back then, I use to suck really bad at football. I really didn’t like to play that much.

After school I would throw the football all day long so I could get better at it. One day, my friends and I played football and Zach and I were on a team. We huddled up and Zach told me not to throw and interception. He told me the play and we ran the play. Unfortunately I threw an interception and Zach was mad at me.

So I decided not to play football ever again. Then one day I saw all of my friends playing football and I was getting mad because I couldn’t play. So I started to practice and practice till I had gotten better.

So then, one afternoon after school, I convinced my friends if I could play football. Zach and I were on a team and I was the quarterback and Zach was the receiver. I told him run up field and to cut across the middle and to look at me. He started to argue with me and I told him to trust me. When he cut across the yard and looked at me, I threw the football. It kind of went behind him just a little bit, but he caught the ball and made a touchdown.

I was so happy I couldn’t believe it and my friends also couldn’t believe it because I threw a touchdown pass. The next day we played football and Zach and I was on a team again. I have become a really good quarterback all because I have practiced everyday. Once again I believe that football is the best sport ever and you should never give up keep on practicing.